A low-fidelity wireframe demonstrating a conversational interface focusing on identifying user budget, location, number of guests, style, and day of week.

UX Guerilla Design Competition

Overall Winner & Audience Choice for Best Presentation, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2016

The Challenge

In 48 hours, our team evaluated the WeddingWire phone app’s venue search, communication, and booking process. Using at least two evaluation tools, we had to design a prototype, evaluate it, and iterate.

The Method

We started with an online background review and found that users distrusted the provided reviews, due to the removal of bad feedback.

Snowball-sampling Qualtrics survey: To pinpoint user goals, we targeted related online communities and acquaintances. In 2 hours we had found 26 participants who were either planning a wedding or had planned a wedding in the last 2 years.

Heuristic usability walkthroughs identified how the existing app aligned with stated user goals.

On-Street Guerilla Testing found likely-users to test out paper-prototype concepts and verify the soundness of the initial design approach.

Prototype wireframes were developed in Balsamiq and InVision to provide quick, flexible interaction for persona walkthroughs

The Result

The three key criteria were: cost, location, and venue look & feel. Couples largely planned weddings so that they could include friends and family, not to focus on themselves.

The existing app focused on a countdown timer and a stressful, 75-item auto-populated to-do list. There was no option to sort by cost and venue display cards didn’t sufficiently showcase the venue aesthetic, and the ‘favorite’ buttons on venues were inoperable.

Our final recommendation went with a low-pressure chat dialog introduction format, which reduced pressure on the user. Venues were organized by price range and displayed with a card-sorting app function, allowing users to see more of the details they cared about.

Enhanced sharing features also furthered collaboration with friends and family, de-emphasizing an unreliable 5-star rating system.

Supporting Documents:

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